Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Mystical Powers of Grape Vines

A couple of months ago I had received a lot of samples of Grape Vines. I mean, a lot. So I asked the moms at the Sugar Baby's school if anyone wanted some. One mom said she definitely did, although "she shouldn't." I thought she was just saying that because, well, that's the sort of stupid thing that we women always say instead of "Heck yeah, I want some!"
A few days later, out of the corner of one ear, I heard her mention something about painting a nursery. "You aren't ... pregnant, are you?" I asked, hesitantly, because, you know, that's another stupid thing we women do. We walk on eggshells, whereas a guy would just say, "Hey, you expecting another one?"
She stretched her arms out. "I'm due next month!" she said.
Seriously, I was flabbergasted. I had no idea. You could barely tell she was pregnant.
She has since had the baby and everyone is doing well. She sent me this note and it cracked me up.
Apparently she was chowing down on Grape Vines when she went into labor, so they had to wait to give her a C-section. I don't think there's any candy worth extending labor over, but apparently it all worked out in the end. Perhaps this is the start of a new baby myth. If you want to go into labor, forget eating spicy food or salad. Get yourself a package of Grape Vines and just wait for those labor pains to start.

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