Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's a Candy Blogoversary!

I just realized that May 29 was Candy Yum Yum's 7th year Blogoversary! It's always kind of sketchy, because I started writing this blog in 2003 (it was originally called "Patti Cakes") and it wasn't solely about candy. I have no idea what else I must've written about, but eventually I came to admit that sweets played a major role in my life. Like, to an obsessive degree.
If you look closely at the archives, you'll see that 2005 is missing entirely. That was when I was pregnant with the Sugar Baby and is the only time in my life that I ever was, or will be, without alcohol, caffeine and chocolate.
In my very first entry, I list my favorite candy bars. Number 10 on the list:

"Sky Bars: Haven't had one in years, but there's something really special about a candy bar with four different fillings. What are they, you ask? Fudge, peanut, marshmallow (or vanilla) and caramel."

Well, since that posting, I've re-tried a Sky Bar and, ugh, not so good. Some childhood memories are best left alone. I saw the new Twilight Sky Bars the other day and was tempted to buy one, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
Number One on my list was Goldenberg's Peanut Chews, which I actually don't think I've had since they made the recipe less molasses-y. Funny how tastes change. Did you have a favorite candy bar as a kid that you no longer like? Tell us about it! Don't be shy.

In any case, we're going on our 7th year here. What would you like to read about this year? I promise, I will not give in to the Seven Year Itch and start cheating with another blog. I'm hopelessly committed.

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