Friday, May 28, 2010

It Can't All Be Good: A Few Positive, and a Bunch of Negative Guest Reviews

Nice, right? I tell you that I have all sorts of new products to share and then I disappear for a week. I know, I know, I’m the worst. But it’s been busy around here in the old House of Yum. The Ice Cube Queen was visiting, No-Nuts graduated from college and the Sugar Baby had his last day of preschool. Hopefully we can now return to our regularly-scheduled posts.

I thought I’d take advantage of the fact that the Reese’s Kid and Carry-On Candy Girl were here. I figured since they’re teenagers, they’d like the more sugary, novelty stuff. My bad.

The official tasting panel (Ice Cube Queen, Reese’s Kid, Carry-On Candy Girl, Grandma and Pop Pop) assembled out on the patio one night and commenced their tasting. Here are their notes.


G'ma: "World War II rubber"

Pop: "Gimbal’s Scottie Dogs much better"

COCG: "Not the best"

ICQ: “Fake taste, funny texture, big disappointment -- not worth going off diet for”


G'ma: "ick"

Pop: "not bad"

COCG: "ok"

RK: "very sweet"

ICQ: "eww... horrible"... didn't finish bite

LOTS OF FRUITI CHEWS (blue raspberry)

G'ma: "worse than ick"

COCG: "alright"

ICQ: "tastes like perfume, bad aftertaste, wouldn't want another bite"


RK: "NO!"

COCG: "Don't like spray candy"


G'ma: "candy made in America is much better"

COCG: "start was good, but end was disgusting"

ICQ: tried cherry/orange. Soft gummy; fake orange taste

RK: "definitely NO; pukey taste"

FINI (bright colored fruit-looking candy & tennis balls)

ICQ: horrible tasting gum

COCG: "gum full of sugar inside (like a geode); pure sugar! No taste"


We all went back to the licorice at this point even though it tasted like plastic because it took the other horrible aftertastes out of our mouths.

Pop: "This taste testing was a DISASTER! ALL junk!"


(fat free candy straws in colors; listed fruit and veggie extracts so we were hopeful, made in Holland)

ICQ: "horrible taste - couldn't even eat one of the 9 pieces in the package!"

COCG: "tasted okay" (but went back for licorice after)

ALL had a piece of the grape/pomegranate Vitamingum to remove the fake tastes of everything else! The gum was small in size, but large enough to blow small bubbles.

Just want you to know Candy Yum Yum, you owe us something GOOD!!!!

(Editor's note: The grape/pomegranate Vitamingum was quite a big hit. COCG said it was the best gum she's ever had.)


Anonymous said...

I actually tried everything as well and I enjoyed the DORVAL SOUR POWER SORTZ. There are similar candies out there called sour straws and they taste exactly the same. Everyone who likes sour candy likes these.

Ice Cube Queen said...

I still tend to disagree, Anonymous! I like sour candy, but not these. But, yea, COCG said they did taste the same as sour straws. Maybe I'm just getting too old for that kind of candy :(