Monday, May 10, 2010

The Sugar Baby's Candy Blow-Out!

The Sugar Baby is officially 4!

Wait until you see the candy buffet I made for him.

Just wait ...

Wait for it ...

Here it comes ...

Guess what I forgot to take a picture of? Can you even believe it? I've been obsessing over this dang candy-themed brouhaha for weeks now and I forgot to take a picture of the sugary spread. Here's what I had: Haribo Raspberries, Haribo Strawberries & Cream, Haribo black licorice spirals, candy buttons, Mike & Ikes, gumdrop kabobs, Grapevines, wax bottles, M&M's, jelly beans, Ring Pops and sour fizzy marshmallow cones.It's hard to say who liked it more-- the kids or the adults. My Partner-in-Crime called me the next day to say that her husband got into bed that night with a goodie bag he made for himself,
complete with wax bottles. Awesome.

The day started off very stormy, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to hang my decorations, but the sun came out just in time. I got some colorful balls and wrapped them in cellophane to look like candies. (I had also tried to make giant swirly lollipops out of foam board, but gave up halfway through.)
Since the Sugar Baby is into mushrooms as much as he's into candy, I tried to make a mushroom-shaped cake, but instead we ended up with this hot mess:
It tasted pretty good, though. Lemon cake with lemon frosting. I figured we'd need a break from chocolate.

In other news, I found Pretzel M&M's at the store and bought some for The Baroness to try. She looked at the package and said, "Only 150 calories for the whole package!"
That's something I forgot to mention. Yes, 150 calories, but there were a lot fewer in there than in a bag of peanut M&M's.
I talked to Alexandra Super Shopper today and she also has tried them. Her comment was that the chocolate/pretzel ratio should be more like a peanut M&M. I totally agree. She liked the idea of mixing them with plain M&M's. Perhaps there will be an M&M Fun Mix in the future?!

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