Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Pretzel M&M's in the House!

Finally. I've been waiting with baited breath all week to get my hands on the new Pretzel M&M's. As I mentioned before, I think the package is really cute. But would the candy stand up to my ideals?
First off, these M&M's are fat and round like gumballs. I tried to put them on a slanted surface and they rolled right off. My impression of these evolved as I made my way through the package. With the first M&M I thought, too dry. Not enough chocolate. Second taste: these are good, but yes, definitely need more chocolate. These would be great mixed in with a bunch of plain M&M's. Third bite: good salt/sweet balance. Last piece: where'd they all go?!
I tried eating them several different ways-- crunching straight into them, sucking on the candy shell and chocolate to get to the pretzel, and biting them in half. These are good, and I'd definitely buy them again, but next time this is how things will go down: I'll get a big bowl. I'll pour in the pretzel M&Ms and then add some plain M&M's in a 60/40 ratio. Then I'll wonder how they disappeared so fast.
These should be hitting the stores this week (if they haven't already), so keep your eyes peeled for the blue wrappers. Let me know what you think!

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