Thursday, November 20, 2008

F is for ...

Okay, you're gonna love this one.

Last night my friend's husband was out of town, so that of course means one thing and one thing only: brownies and a box of wine. Her kids were asleep by the time I pulled into her driveway, so we settled down in the "adult" living room (meaning no TV, no Barbie heads, no sticker remnants on the coffee table, etc.) and started talking each other down off a bridge about having to work until we're 80 because of the stupid stock market chit-chatting. So there we were, blah blah blah, when we see this car outside sloooowwwly driving by. Kind of weird since she lives on a dead end road. Then a few minutes later, another car comes and pauses in front of her house. Okay, kind of freaky, but whatever. So we get up and go into the kitchen to slice up the brownies.

There was the pan of brownies with three pieces of Twizzlers (green, brown and blue) in the center.

"What, pray tell, is that?" I asked her.

"This?" she said. "This is Will's undertaking. He thought if he put the Twizzlers into the brownies he could have both a brownie and candy for dessert. Then he made them into the shape of an "F" to stand for fire so that his father and sister wouldn't want to touch them (lest they get burned) and he could eat the whole thing."

Of course this had me rolling on the floor laughing and I begged her to get her camera to take a picture for the blog. She went into the living room to look for it and I hear her say, "What the hell is going on? There's another car outside."

I was still laughing when she said, "You didn't park in the road, did you?"

"In the road? No, I parked in the driveway," I say.

"Your car's in the middle of the road," she says.

I run to the window and-- holy crap!-- my car really is in the middle of the road. My freakin' Mini Cooper is in the middle of the freakin' road and there are cars driving around it!
Of course I was spazzing out, throwing on my shoes and jacket while at the same time completely mortified that I had to go out and move my car while people were watching. I ran out to it and there were two men standing at the end of the road.

"Why did you park your car in the middle of the road?" one of them asks.

"I forgot to put it in gear, Derfwad!" I said. (Well, I left off the Derfwad part.)

Fortunately, no harm came to the car, but I was good and freaked out. All I can say is, the "F" didn't deter me from attacking those brownies. And this, of course, proves without a doubt that Rainbow Twizzlers are pure evil.

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