Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So here I was a couple of weeks ago dragging my sorry sick butt to IKEA because the light in the Sugar Baby's room blew out and I couldn't stand listening to him say "Light's broken!" one more time and of course the lightbulb is some freaky design that (I thought) I could only get at IKEA. So I walked through that entire God-forsaken store, getting my month's worth of exercise, and bought two packages of lightbulbs.
At the checkout, they had some of their weird Swedish candies on display so I decided to splurge (for .97 cents) and bought a bag of "Godis Sweets-- Nuts and Bolts Mix."
I was pretty psyched for these, because the last gummies I had were the pomegranate gummy pandas that Mr. Goodbar devoured before I really had a chance to enjoy them.
And I thought the Tim Tams were disappointing. These were nasty. It was like chewing on a crumbly, flavorless candle from the dollar store. I actually spit them out, they were that bad. To make matters worse, the lightbulbs were the wrong ones, despite the fact that I asked two different sales people. IKEA owes me big time. We're talking, they need to be giving me some free Swedish meatballs and a Poang chair.
On the positive side, I finally found the mystery lightbulbs at Home Depot, so now the Sugar Baby's new mantra is, "Mommy fixed it!"


city said...

oh there is NOTHING worse than eating candy that sucks so much you actually spit it out. I feel your pain on the lightbulbs too.

Pam Walter said...

Wow! Thanks for the warning. They do look intriguing and I would have tried them also. http://blog.sweetservices.com/sweetscandyblog/