Thursday, November 06, 2008


Look what I got! An "E for Excellent" award from the fabulous New Zealand Cupcake Queen! (Warning: Don't check out her website if you're the slightest bit hungry for something sweet. Her cupcakes are out of control.)

Here's the deal: I'm supposed to pass the love to five other blogs that I think are excellent and tell you a little bit about them. Then they're supposed to do the same thing and pass on the bloggedy grooviness to their faves.

Hail Britannia: Diana may live in New England, but she's totally old school when it comes to all things British.

Daisy Chain Dreams: I'm as unfashionable as they come, but Daisy is a total fashionista. And she's a cutie pie, to boot.

Cake Spy: Cake, cookies and cartoons. What's not to love?

Derfwad Manor: The mother of all blogs. Mrs. G is hysterical, insightful and brilliant.

Hops and Chops: Even though she hasn't written in a while, Ms. Chops has one kick-ass beer and beef blog.


DaisyChain said...

Aw, you did make me smile. Thank you!
I shall pass this on later.

Hope you are well x

Cakespy said...

Thank you so much!! I am honored!