Tuesday, November 04, 2008

There's No Such Thing As Too Much Candy

I have so much to report on from Halloween, but it's just been a little hectic around these parts. In the meantime, I'll start off with this tidbit:

After the Sugar Baby had completed his trick-or-treating tasks and was safely tucked into bed, I put on the outside light as a welcoming beacon for other goodie seekers. We live on a busy road, so foot traffic was sparse. When two little boys rang the doorbell, I told them to take lots of candy. One boy grabbed a couple of candy bars and I told him to take more. He seemed scared when he said, "I don't want that much!"

Can you even imagine?!

Stay tuned to read all about the Sugar Baby's haul and Father John's special chocolate bar just for me!


Carl Weaver said...

I can't understand this. I know some kids are hardwired to like salty treats better, but you can always have candy around! Me, I like salty and spicy things and for a period of my life subsisted on peanuts, Slim Jims and Coke. However, I have always had room for candy.

Ice Cube Queen said...

Hey, Carl.....are you from down South?! Peanuts and coke seem to be a big thing down here in FL!