Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In the Red: Cherry Dum Dums are the Shizz

As I've mentioned before, Dum Dums have become quite a commodity in this house; they are the ultimate potty training tool. After reaching a successful goal, the Sugar Baby stands on a step stool in the kitchen and anxiously awaits the big bag of lollipops. He looks very carefully before choosing his precious reward. The thing is, he's all about red. So all the cherry pops went first, then the bubblegum and cherry cola. "We have to get more red ones," he keeps saying. It then occurred to me to look at the Dum Dums website to see if they actually do sell single flavors in bulk. Well, they do, but only flavors that are about to be discontinued. For $5.20, you can get a box of 120 pops in buttered popcorn, pink lemonade or cherry cola. (I haven't tried the popcorn, but I really dig the pink lemonade ones.) In the meantime, the Sugar Baby will have to try the other flavors. (He actually seems to have a fondness for the coconut ones.)
The Spangler website is pretty cool. You can order the usual T-shirts and mugs, but you can also vote on your favorite future flavor. The options they're offering are: apple pie, blueberry, cranberry, french toast, honeydew, pumpkin, peach and toasted marshmallow. Personally, I'd vote for honeydew and toasted marshmallow, although pumpkin might be interesting.

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Rosa said...

Oh no! Pink lemonade is one of my favorites