Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dollar Store Candy Review

Now that No-Nuts is here for the summer, I've been using her as my guinea pig for certain candies, such as these goodies I found at the dollar store. (As you may recall, I have issues with eating anything from a dollar store, or any non-food store in general.)
I bought the Haribo Peaches because I know she likes Peach Os, and the Goetze's Strawberri Cream "bullseyes" were something I'd never seen before.
The first sniff of the Peaches bag took me back to high school when we had a birthday party for my friend Kris and took all the alcohol in her parents' liquor cabinet--including a bottle of Peach Schnapps--and made a "punch." I've never been much for anything peach flavored since then. These, however, were surprisingly good. Of course, you can rarely go wrong with Haribo in my book.
The Strawberri Creams, however, were another story. First of all, the spelling of "Strawberri" should've tipped me off. There's not a single ounce of strawberry in these babies and you can tell by the God-awful fake berry flavor. They also had a dusty, chalky texture that made them inedible.
So it was a runaway win for the Peaches and a sad loss for the bulls' eyes.

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