Friday, July 24, 2009

Get Your Candy Yum Yum Swag!

I promised you something new and exciting, so drumroll please .....
Introducing the new line of Candy Yum Yum goodies! Our model the Sugar Baby is showing off a toddler T-shirt. The front is a skull and cross lollipops and says "Candy Yum Yum. Net" and the back says, "Eat Candy. Die Happy."
Rest assured, there are adult sizes, too! Also a really cool tote bag and, my favorite, Euro stickers. Come visit my store at Cafe Press!!
(Huge thanks to The Connection for the fabulous design!)

1 comment:

philly said...

Dude :o! That's awesome ^__^ I'm gonna add that to my Christmas Wish List this year :D