Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New Wonka Gummies: No Artificial Colors or Flavors!

I was pretty psyched earlier this year when I found out that Wonka would be releasing two new products: Sour Puckerooms and Sluggles Gummies. These sounded like just the kind of fun candy the market has been lacking for a while, because, let's face it, gummie worms and bears can only excite and amuse for so long.
The Sour Puckerooms are little mushroom shaped gummies with a sour dusting, similar to Sour Patch Kids. The flavors are cherry, grape and lemon/orange.
In contrast, the Sluggles are sweet and come in bug shapes (but not gross bug shapes, thankfully). The flavors are orange, grape, lemon and strawberry. I found them at Target.
I tossed the bags to No-Nuts and she went for the Puckerooms first. "These are good!" she said. I agree. They are good. Not too sour, but just puckery enough to have you reaching for another one. I like the contrast of the rough sour stuff against the smooth, chewy gummy.
The Sluggles are good, too, although I always prefer sour. These have a dense chew and a slick surface.
My overall thinking was, these are good. But how are they any different than any other gummie candies? One look at the ingredients will tell you: no artificial colors or flavors. Very cool. This is a big deal for parents of kids who have sensitivities to artificial ingredients, so yay for Wonka!


Anonymous said...

Puckerooms sound yummy!!!! Save us some!

Sarah Jane said...

Yummy candies. I like it, so much memories from candies when i was in my childhood days. I remember the mojos which are also my favorites, just came across to this site. Great Blog for candies here. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This candy is terrible. I usually love Wonka stuff, but this is like the most generic crap I've ever tasted. The different flavors aren't even distinctive, let alone being sour. Its just random sugary gelatin. Tastes like diabetic candy.

Candy Yum Yum said...

well, to each his own. I don't claim to be the be all and end all of candy reviews. Of course, No-Nuts would completely disagree; she's already eaten three bags of these things.

Tom said...

"Anonymous said... " - please be more specific. Otherwise I'd assume you're a competitor trying to "poison the well."