Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Last Minute Valentines!

Gah! Have you looked at the calendar recently? The Big Day is coming! Yes folks, only four days until Valentine's Day! Have you gotten anything for your sweetie yet? Don't wait 'til the last minute, because you know you'll end up with either a teeny box of mockolates with the Tazmanian Devil on it or a giant box of overpriced, overly sweet junky candy in a creepy lacy heart-shaped box that looks more funereal than lovey-dovey.
But it's not too late! Here are some of my last-minute picks for the day when you'd better say "I love you."

Membership in the Chocolate Seduction Club: Each month, your cuddle bunny can receive a mystery package of confections from an artisan chocolatier. www.chocolateseductionclub.com

Chocolate-covered wine or champagne: Yep, a real bottle of booze dipped in chocolate! Fun!

Training Treats: Gotta love these: boxes of hard butter toffee candies in a specially-designed box. Check out the different types:

Training Treats For Husbands® - For the guy with just one or two flaws.
Training Treats® For New Husbands™ - A trained husband = a happy husband!
Training Treats® For Retired Husbands™
- A whole new phase of training.
Training Treats® For Golfers™ - What took us so long!
Husband Treats® - The perfect treat for the perfect guy!
Training Treats® For Boyfriends™ - Turn your frog into a prince!
Training Treats® For New Dads™ - For the brand new dad, in his grand new role!


Hershey's Kiss jewelry: For the relationship that is serious enough for jewelry, but no where near engagement territory.


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Jeni said...

Oh my gosh! I would love to receive this necklace as a Valentine!