Friday, November 02, 2007

Child Labor

Whew! Who knew Halloween could be so exhausting? I'm happy to report that this year we had a tremendously successful holiday. (I'm going to do this report in bits and pieces because I seem to have a problem uploading more than one picture at a time.)

We started out in the afternoon by going downtown to the Trick or Treat on Safety Street with Henri's two friends Alex and Will. I was skeptical about the quality of candy they'd be giving out, since the streets get flooded with a gajillion kids. I thought for sure it'd be a total Dum Dums and Tootsie Roll fest. But kudos to the store owners who gave out all sorts of yummy fun stuff, from Butterfingers and Dots to Nerds and Fun Dip. Henri was shell-shocked by all the people; he kind of hung back in his stroller and observed. He did, however, really dig the American flag he got from the VFW guys.

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