Thursday, November 22, 2007

Random Candy Memory: Before She Was the Baroness, She Was the Best Friend

We're in 6th grade or so. It's the Baroness' birthday (long before she was the Baroness or the sister-in-law and was simply my best friend). Her mother (Memaw) was working at Waldbaums, and as a birthday gift, she got the Baroness a case of Carefree bubblegum. A case! I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Enough gum to last a loooong time. I was so jealous. Fast-forward a few months to my birthday, and guess what I got? Yes, my very own case of Carefree bubble gum.
So this weekend, I opened up the von Schokolats' pantry and what did I see? A case of Orbit gum. Some things never change.
I hope everyone's having a lovely Thanksgiving. I'm full to the gills with turkey and stuffing and several slices of Grammy's awesome banana bread.

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