Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If I Rated Candy, These Would Get Five Golden Circus Peanuts (Yes, That's a Good Thing!)

The beautiful thing about having a blog is that I can write anything I darn well please. If I hate something, I can say it without having to worry that an advertiser is going to pull their full-page four-color ad. Likewise, if I love something you can believe I'm telling the truth, because there's no one I need to suck up to. So believe me when I say: Emily's Chocolates are sooooo yummy and I can't stop eating them.

I returned home from Thanksgiving at the von Schokolats to find a big box on my porch filled with samples from Emily's cookie and candy lines. The packaging is very pretty (and very festive with little bows on top) and I figured this would be decent stuff. But I never expected that I'd go completely bonkers over it.

The dark chocolate covered cranberries and almonds were completely addictive. I say "were" because they're gone now. Between Mr. Goodbar and me, we polished off the box rather quickly. The cranberries were juicy and tart; the almonds big and crunchy. "Hey, this is good stuff!" said Mr. Goodbar, so you know it has to be good.

Then, purely for sampling purposes, I tried the dark chocolate peanut butter cream sandwich cookies. OMG! Talk about YUM! Crunchy cookies, nice nutty peanut butter cream and good quality dark chocolate. What more is there to say?

There was a box of dark chocolate mint cookies, but I foolishly gave them to "No-Nuts," my niece who was going back to college. I hope she's enjoying them, because I know I certainly would have.

You can check out all of Emily's products at their website, and it looks like you can get them at places like Target and CVS. At around $5 or less, they're a fantastic grab bag gift. I plan on buying lots of these boxes to give to friends at Christmas (so if you get a box, just act surprised!)

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