Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Real Life Halloween Horrors!

Alexandra called this morning to ask me what she should do with all of her son's Halloween candy. (Perhaps the dumbest question I've heard in a long time!) I asked her to tell me what sorts of goodies he had acquired during his long night of trick-or-treating and she began to list them off: a full-sized Hershey bar, a full-sized Starburst, M&Ms, Nestle's Crunch, and so on. "But the weirdest thing is the Easter bunny," she said. HOLD THE PHONE! Easter bunny? Yes, folks, someone ditched their crapola pink-foiled Easter candy in an innocent child's trick or treat bag! And here's the photographic evidence! I love that the bunny has an almost sinister smile.

And here's another gem: I was talking to someone yesterday who said his germ-phobic daughter returned home from trick-or-treating completely horrified by a woman who came to the door with a big bowl of loose candy corn. She dipped her germy talons into the bowl and gave each kid a fistful of gnarly candy corn. Now why even bother? At that point, you should just turn off the light and eat the candy corn yourself. Gross!

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