Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving '07: Chocolate Booze

I had just barely walked through the door after being in the car for six hours when the Baron said, "We got you something that combines your two favorite things in life!"

What could it be I wondered? A book about chocolate? A sleeping pill made of candy? A candy Mini Cooper? For some reason, wine just wasn't on my mind, so the Baron finally had to tell me: "Wine and chocolate!" And then at that point the Baroness said, "WHY DID YOU TELL HER?! Did I not just say to you a half hour ago that it was a surprise?"

I actually thought it would be wine-filled chocolates, but no, it turned out to be Berry Chocolate raspberry-blueberry wine with natural chocolate flavor! Talk about a surprise! The Baron and I slipped away from the crowds to enjoy a glass. I expected it to be a syrupy sweet dessert wine, but it was actually on the drier side, I think because of the blueberry. It would go really well with a slice of flourless chocolate cake. Mmmmm!

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Alexandra said...

Mmmm. That sounds delicious.