Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sweet Treat of the Week: Elise Chidley

Elise Chidley, author of “The Wrong Kind of Wife?” and “Your Roots are Showing” is today’s Sweet Treat of the Week. You can check out her website at

What is your favorite candy?

I'm a huge fan of Cadbury's Snack bar, which is available in South Africa (where I'm from). When we go back to visit, I take a lot of (bulky) presents home to my family, and then fill in the freed-up space in my suitcase with chocolate on the return trip. The Snack bar is milk chocolate with crunchy, cookie-like pieces in it.

Share a childhood candy memory.

We used to go on an annual camping vacation with several families to a remote beach in Mozambique, a country that had barely any bread on the shelves of its stores, let alone candy. Oh, except for these hugely expensive chocolate 'umbrellas' which our parents would never buy. So we always brought bags of candy to tide us over, but these were supposed to be reserved for Christmas day. (Remember, this was in the southern hemisphere, so Christmas was in the summer time.) One year, my best friend and I found the candy supplies and pretty much flattened them on the sly. Boy, did we catch it afterwards. Good grief. That's not really a pleasant memory.

Favorite fruit flavor in candy?

Candy should not be fruit flavored. If I want to taste banana, I'll eat a banana. But orange chocolate is tolerable.

Which do you prefer: gummies or hard candies?

Gummies. I'm too impatient to suck hard candies, and chewing them means you have candy stuck in your molars all day.

What’s your favorite candy holiday?

Easter, because it's all about chocolate.

What’s best: milk, dark or white?
Milk is definitely best, though I'm trying to persuade my taste buds to like dark because that just seems more grown-up and dignified.

Circus Peanuts: yay or nay?

Do you know, I've never brought myself to try one. We didn't grow up with them, you see, so I think I by-passed that window of opportunity when a circus peanut looks appetizing.
Thanks Elise! Now go out and get yourself some Circus Peanuts, just so you can say you've tried them.
What about you, dear Yumsters? What are your candy preferences? I'd love for you to be a future Sweet Treat of the Week! Contact me at

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