Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Deets on the Prize

Here I am, in disguise because I look tired and drunk to protect my identity, as I pick the lucky winner of the Big Candy Giveaway. We narrowed down the names until we had six to choose from and I did the old "pick a winner" maneuver.
According to her profile, Cynthya "devours books like potato chips." When I said that, No-Nuts said, "Yum! Potato chips sound good!" So we spent the rest of the evening eating chips with Neuhaus truffles that my Partner-in-Crime, Susan (not to be confused with Sue MKAFFGGF) had brought over to celebrate with. Delicious!
So what will Cynthya be receiving?
Check it out:

-Aztec Sipping Chocolate, courtesy of Dove Chocolate Discoveries
-A plethora of Green & Black's organic chocolate bars
-A wide array of gums from Wrigley's
-"Caramel Me Happy" and "Naughty Ginger" lollipops from DAS Lollipops
-Assorted Mars candy bars, such as Snickers, Twix, M&M's, and more
-A Qbel peanut butter wafer roll bar
And much, much more!
A big thank you to all the candy companies who donated their delicious products. And thanks again to everyone who participated.
A special dark chocolate package will be going to Jody who wrote:
"I would like to see you address the fact that people who like dark chocolate feel that they are better than those who like milk chocolate. I would like you to tell them that it is a matter of taste. And that they're probably lying about prefering dark chocolate so that they look more sophisticated."

Pish posh. Those of us who love dark chocolate simply are more sophisticated. That's all there is to it. (Well, okay, maybe not. But perhaps a special dark chocolate sample package will change your bitterness, no pun intended.)
Keep reading throughout the summer, Yumsters. I hope to have some more giveaways and big changes to the blog.

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