Monday, June 01, 2009

Sweet Treat of the Week: Mrs. Bunnylady!

(Pictured above, Mrs. Bunnylady after eating one too many Skittles.)

Dear Yumsters, I've switched things up a bit and moved the Sweet Treat to Monday. This week’s treat is one-of-a-kind. Our guest is none other than Mrs. Bunnylady. Never heard of her? Someday she’ll be famous. As for now, Mrs. Bunnylady is the alter ego of Miss Sarah, an 11-year-old girl with a vivid imagination.
According to Sarah, Mrs. Bunnylady was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She lived on a farm with her mother, father and brother where they raised goats and alpacas. When she was 5 years old she moved to North Carolina. Mrs. Bunnylady is now 11 and makes videos where she interviews people. She is very sassy. She one day hopes to become famous on You Tube.

Dear Madame Yum Yum,
Thank you for giving me the privilege to guest host on your scrumptious Candy Yum Yum blog! I am very excited to answer your questions about candy! I am big fan of candy! I once entered a candy-eating contest and ate 300 bags of Skittles! I then had a sugar rush and had to be taken to the emergency room. Well, I guess I should begin answering your questions.

What’s your favorite candy?
My favorite candy is Skittles because they are the colors of the rainbow. I once flew over a rainbow with a leprechaun!

Tell us one of your childhood candy memories.
One of my most precious childhood candy memories happened when I was six years old. I had a pet goat named Petunia. I fed her Sweet Tarts as a treat for dessert.

What’s your favorite fruit flavor in candy?
My favorite fruit flavor in candy is grape because when I was 10 years old my math teacher would give me grape flavored candy for answering the problem 2+2. Now whenever I get a grape flavored piece of candy I put it in my grape flavored candy bag of honor and eat it five days later.
Gummies or hard candies?
I prefer hard candy because gummy candy is so hard to brush off my teeth! Whenever I eat a gummy candy I have to scrub and scrub with my little Winnie The Pooh toothbrush, but it never comes off!

What is your favorite candy holiday?
My favorite candy holiday is Easter because I always get the most eggs. I have a secret to share as to how I do that. I hide the eggs with the adults and then dress up as a five year old. I get all the eggs because I know where they are. The best part about it is that I make all the kids cry.

Milk, dark or white?
My favorite kind of chocolate is milk because when I was seven I took a trip to the Hershey's Factory and stole all the milk chocolate bars. Then I fed some to my pet Petunia and she went berserk and ran off. After that my mom grounded me for 6 weeks and I felt so sad I escaped through my window and ran to go live with the cows who make milk for the milk chocolate.

Circus Peanuts: yay or nay?
Last but not least, Circus Peanuts are sadly a nay. I loathe them because they look like styrofoam! When I first ate one I thought it was styrofoam. My mom told me it was candy, but I still did not think so and I still don't think so today!
Thank you so much for letting me answer these candy questions! Remember to always be kind to your pet goats and always get the first Easter eggs! Sincerely, Miss Bunnylady
Thanks so much, Mrs. Bunnylady! Remember to always brush your teeth after eating Skittles!
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