Monday, June 08, 2009

White Circus Peanuts in Wisconsin Anyone???

A reader wants to know:

There is a horse cupcake recipe out there with white Circus Peanuts. Do you know of anyone in the Cedarburg, WI (@20 miles north of Milwaukee) area that might sell them?

Here in New England, it's high season for Circus Peanuts, so you can usually find the mixed bags, but I'm not sure about the Midwest. So.... anyone have an answer?

(FYI: You can see these cute cupcakes at, and they also have a list of mail order places to get the white peanuts.)

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Carl Weaver said...

I say try contacting Spangler. They are the king of the circus peanut jungle, I think. They sell their stuff online ( but I don't know if they will pick out the white ones only. Good luck!