Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Results Are In: Let's Go Back in Time!

Official results from the Candy Yum Yum! 6-year-anniversary question: "What would you like to read more about?"

No-Nuts has been busy earning her keep doing the official audit of the answers to our question: "What would you like to see more of on Candy Yum Yum!?"

I have to say Yumsters, you did surprise me a little. The number one thing you'd like to read about is old-fashioned/retro candy, followed in a tie between candy recipes and foreign candy.
I like these ideas a lot. When I originally began Candy Yum Yum!, I intended to delve into retro candy, but lately I've been star-struck by all the new Limited Editions that have been coming out. I promise, I'll be getting back to the good ol' fashioned penny candy very soon, and will be coming at you with some candy recipes, too.
As for foreign candy, I'm thinking that maybe some of you international Yumsters could help out. Do you live somewhere other than the U.S.? Write to me and tell me about some of your local candies! Perhaps we could even do a candy swap.

Other items of note: Reese's was the only brand that specifically was mentioned. Let's give it up for peanut butter and chocolate! Woo hoo!

You're definitely interested in things like organic, Fair Trade, vegan and sugar-free candy, so more on that too!

Lastly, check out No-Nuts' artistic skills. I had no idea she was both a math whiz AND an artiste!

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Anonymous said...

Did No-Nuts do that chart all by herself?!!!!! Great job, No-Nuts!!! You should be a graphics design major, not a math major!!!