Sunday, June 21, 2009

Candy Milestone: Sugar Baby's First Wax Bottle and Candy Stick

The Sugar Baby and I just got back from four days at the Von Schokolat Estate. Along the way, we stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch, where I of course bought some candy. Whilst perusing the old-timey candy, a worker came up to us and held out a tray. "Would you like to try a wax bottle?" she asked.
What?! Who offers wax bottles as samples?!
The Sugar Baby took one (red, of course, as he's decided he will only eat red things) and looked at it. This was where my parenting skills fell apart. I probably should've just bit the top off for him told him to chug the juice, but instead I tried to explain the procedure to him. He bit the top off, then proceeded to stuff the entire bottle in his mouth. He was chewing away with a perplexed look on his face; I finally had to extract the wax out with my finger. I can only imagine what he was thinking.
We moved onto lunch, where I had a pork chop and he had one bite of a grilled cheese before he discovered the little golf tee-peg game on the table. It kept him amused enough so I could actually eat my own lunch. On our way out, the lady offered him another bottle, but I declined. I didn't need him on a wax bottle sugar high for the rest of the drive. Instead, I bought him his very first candy stick which he relished in a matter of minutes, and then he played air drums and counted cell phone towers until he finally crashed.
Next post: what I bought for myself.

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