Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Old Timey Faves from Cracker Barrel

As previously mentioned, I bought a few goodies for myself at Cracker Barrel. First, Zotz.
The Ice Cube Queen introduced me to Zotz at an early age, and I immediately loved them. If you haven't tried them, they're little lozenge-sized hard candies. Inside is a burst of fizzy sourness (probably having to do with citric acid, I'm sure), and you can't help but pucker when you taste them. I haven't had these in a long time, but they were just as good as I remembered.
Next, a package of Valomilk. I never had these as a kid; apparently they're a Midwest specialty. They're made by Sifers, a small candy company in Kansas that only makes this one product. I suppose you can compare these to Mallo Cups in that 1) they're cups and 2) they have a marshmallowy filling. The difference is 1) The cups are huge-- one is satisfying enough; 2) The chocolate tastes better; 3) There is no toasted coconut, as in a Mallo Cup; and 4) The marshmallow is gooier-- you can't eat these without getting some on your face. I'm surprised these don't have more of a cult following, because they're darn tasty. If you've never had one, go out and try it.
Lastly, I got a pack of Black Jack gum, which is currently being made by Cadbury Adams. It's been a looooong time since I've had this stuff, and I have to say, I was impressed. The licorice flavor was intense; it tasted just like eating a black Twizzler. Better yet, the flavor lasted much longer than I remember it. I'm sure that's a new innovation from the Adams people. Kudos!
All in all, I showed great restraint at the Cracker Barrel store. Perhaps a little too much restraint. The stock in the candy pantry is looking awfully low these days.


Julian said...

what's the last thing in the picture? the brown and green stripy thing?

Candy Yum Yum said...

Oh, that was one of the candy sticks I bought for the Sugar Baby. I think it's strawberry.

Pam Walter said...

It is such fun to browse the old time candies at Cracker Barrel, which I don't frequent nearly often enough!