Friday, June 12, 2009

Atkinson's Coconut Long Boy: What is This Thing?

This is an Atkinson's Coconut Longboy. Until yesterday, I'd never had a Long Boy (coconut or otherwise; they come in regular and chocolate, too). In fact, I didn't even know what a Long Boy was, just that I'd heard of them and knew they were some kind of candy that are special in the hearts of many.

After a little intense research, I discovered that Atkinson's is located in Texas, and they're proud of their southern heritage. Probably why I'd never had a Long Boy before-- it's a southern candy.

I only bought one of these at a local coffee shop and now I'm sorry I didn't buy two, because Mr. Goodbar would totally dig these. It's caramel (very much like a Bull's-Eye type caramel) with little flakes of coconut throughout. Even though I'm not big on caramel, I could see these becoming an addiction. We're off to Vermont tomorrow, so perhaps I'll get a chance to stop at the Vermont Country Store where, no doubt, they'll have some.
But what about you, Yumsters? Do you know about Long Boys? Are these a candy from your childhood? Come on, share with us!


cybele said...

Like you, I don't think I ever had one as a kid. (Though I do recall eating Chick O Sticks.)

I like em! Excellent summer candy too, buttery but not chocolate so it won't melt.

Pam Walter said...

Never heard of them but it sounds delicious because I love caramel.