Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lindt Straccitella: No Matter How You Pronounce It, It's Yummy!

I've recently discovered the joy that is Straccitella. A new gelato place has opened nearby, and I've fallen in love with this traditional cream-and-dark chocolate flavor. I suppose you could compare it to chocolate chip ice cream, but it's just so much better.
At the evil WalMart the other day, I saw a bag of Lindt truffles that included a sample of their new Straccitella flavor, so I had to get it. Even though I'm not big on white chocolate, this is one tasty confection.
It's creamy, milky and sweet with little flecks of nibbly dark chocolate. So good.
I gave the bag of truffles to No-Nuts and told her she should allow me to have one truffle a night. She woke up this morning and said that was a bad idea; she'd already eaten two before breakfast.

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Pam Walter said...

Uh oh! A new Lindt to try. I'm in big trouble now. http://blog.sweetservices.com/sweetscandyblog/