Monday, June 08, 2009

Sweet Treat of the Week: Foodette!

Part of the fun of blogging is you never know who you’ll meet. It turns out that this week’s Sweet Treat of the Week, Foodette from Foodette Reviews, actually lives within a half hour of me! Who knew?! Anyhow, enjoy this week’s Treat and then head over to Foodette’s excellent review site:

What is your favorite candy?

As far as taste goes, nothing is better than a See's Butterscotch Square, or a Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road bar, but for novelty, the Kinder Egg will always be my favorite. I wish I had more of them, because they amuse me to no end.
[Editor's note: I've got to get my hands on both See's and Hotel Chocolat. They seem to be a big fave amongst candy lovers. It's a travesty I haven't tried them yet!]

Share a childhood candy memory.

Coming back from France at the age of twelve, it was a really nice time of me remembering my parents, still married, quite happy. We rode back in a limousine and I fell asleep, but not before having one last Kinder Egg pressed into the hands of me, and my sister, relishing that fleeting European memory...

Favorite fruit flavor in candy?

Raspberry, although it's hard to get a really authentic flavor. Barley candies do it really well, though.

Which do you prefer: gummies or hard candies?

Gummies. Haribo gummies are my favorite. I love them so much, especially the alphabet letters and sugar mice.

What’s your favorite candy holiday?

I can't tell whether this is supposed to be "holiday candy" or "candy holiday" so I will answer to both. As for holiday candy, that would be Peeps' sugar cookie, shaped like gingerbread boy and girls, and candy holiday- what else? Halloween! Especially when people would make those little goody bags for you to take.

What’s best: milk, dark or white?

Milk chocolate. There's something to be said about a good, complex milk chocolate.

Circus Peanuts: yay or nay?

In s'mores, yay. Plain, nay.

Thanks Foodette! I've never had a Circus Peanut in a s'more before. That just might be my summer project!

(Above, Foodette enjoying a Welsh Cake in Wales. Yum!)

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