Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A big chocolate kiss to you!

It's almost here ... the day when we celebrate all things chocolate and sugary and lovey dovey. I hope everyone has a fabulous Valentine's Day tomorrow and may you get a big heart full of chocolate yumminess from your sweetie. If you need some last minute ideas, check out the National Confectioners Association website. They have recipes, ideas and trivia, such as: Did you know that conversation hearts once came in different shapes like horseshoes, baseballs and watches? Pretty cool.
And speaking of trivia, here's today's Sister Secret: Betsy has always had an amazing sense of willpower. When we were little, I would scarf down any candy I got right away, whereas she would save her candy for the appropriate time. One night we were all having alphabet soup for dinner and my mom said that whoever spelled their name first would win a candy bar. Betsy won and she put her candy bar next to her plate to eat after dinner. It sat there taunting me the whole time. Who would want alphabet soup when there's a Milky Way waiting to devoured?!

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