Sunday, February 04, 2007

Candy jar Fridays

My mother is pretty good at saving stuff, like old book reports, drawings and letters that we created over the years. Every now and then, she'll hand each of us a box stuffed with all sorts of crap that we had no idea still existed. Such was the case last week when my sister and I went to visit my parents for lunch. My mother brought out two long boxes with our names on them. Inside were photographs from our childhood-- all sorts of square, black and white pictures of us posing, with the neighbors, with each other, with stuffed animals, on the first day of school. Of course this got us reminiscing and something triggered a candy memory for my sister.
"I remember going over to Grandma and Pop Pop's every Friday and they'd hand me a TV Guide and a jar of candy." She would then go home and highlight all the shows she wanted to watch during the week, while savoring her little jar of goodies. Later in the week, when the jar was empty, she'd return it for the next Friday's refill. I have no such memory. For a long time it was just my two brothers and two sisters. I came into the picture quite a while later, so many of my memories are not the same as theirs. Like Disney World. They all got to go with my grandparents. I never did. Now this. It sounds so wonderful. A jar of candy every Friday. Who could've imagined such a thing? And what kind of candy was it? I know my grandparents enjoyed the Brach's Pick-a-Mix candy, so maybe that's what it was.

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The Ice Cube Queen said... have your facts wrong Candy Yum Yum!!!! We didn't go to Disney World with our grandparents...we spent the summers in Miami Beach! Which leads me to tell you our little story about Gold Nugget Gum, Candy Stones, and Sassparilla Beer! On one of our outings in M.B. we went to a place called Pioneer City where we panned for gold. After we got our bag of gold painted nuggets, we went to the saloon for a mug of sassparilla and then to the store to buy Gold Nugget Bubblegum in little sacks and Candy Stones that looked like painted stones...I don't remember what they tasted like, though, so I guess not too good :( Ahhh, those were the days!