Friday, February 23, 2007

The Jelly Bellies are trying to tell me something

For some reason, Jelly Bellies keep appearing in my life lately. I ordered a bunch of stuff the other day for my new hobby, creating jewelry out of Precious Metal Clay. I got a box filled with clay and cutters and texture sheets and-- a small bag of cherry and pineapple Jelly Bellies. I don't know why but there was a note that said "Enjoy the freebie!" I just found it a bit odd that it was only those two flavors. I almost wonder if the owner of the clay store had bought an assorted mix and didn't like cherry and pineapple, so she saved them for her customers. Eh, I'm okay with that.
When Sue and I were at Chocopologie, she mentioned a store that she liked because they offered Jelly Bellies in the individual flavors and that suddenly sparked a memory I had forgotten. When I worked at the chocolate store during college, there were some regular customers. One teeny-tiny woman bought two pounds of caramel nougats every week. She said she worked out at the gym an hour every day just to be able to eat them.
And then there were the freaky sisters. Every Saturday, these two women would come in and their order would always be the same: a half pound of every flavor Jelly Belly except licorice. First of all, a half pound isn't all that much, and secondly, we had a drawer of every flavor JB already mixed. So a normal person would order a half pound of the mix and call it a day. But no, these two freaky sisters would make us open every drawer of beans and scoop out two or three of every dang flavor. It was so annoying because it would take forever and if you overmeasured, you had to dump it into the premixed batch without them seeing. Eventually we got mean and started to screw around with them, putting a stray licorice bean into their boxes. Finally, one of the girls I worked with told them we had a limit of no more than ten flavors or you'd have to buy the pre-mixed. They stopped coming in.
On really slow days, my friend Kelly and I would devise our own fantasy mixes, like the "Carnival Mix," which consisted of cotton candy, buttered popcorn and bubblegum or the "Fruit Salad Mix" with tangerine, blueberry, watermelon, pineapple and green apple.


cybele said...

They actually have Fruit Salad now! Jelly Belly has these little packs for their "recipes" and there's one that has strawberry, blueberry & melon or something like that.

You're a genius before your time!

patti said...

Wow! I should've been a part of their R&D team!
I just saw a package of "Soda Shoppe" flavored Jelly Bellies. YUM!