Monday, February 26, 2007

Miscellaneous Monday stuff

1) I saw edible Easter grass at Target. What a brilliant idea! I didn't have a chance to really check it out because Henri was dangerously close to a meltdown.
2) I tried a dark truffle Hershey kiss at an open house yesterday. It was pretty good.
3) On my rogue mom's website, one woman posted that she bought her daughter a chocolate bunny as a surprise and the little girl said it tasted like "basketball." The mom tried it and agreed. Haha!
4) Fine. I've run out of Sister Secrets and I still haven't shamed my sister into posting on this blog.
5) Sue, the ass-kicking firefighter garden guru that I went to Chocopologie with, sent me her evaluation of the chocolates. She really liked them, but it goes without saying that she has more refined taste than I do. I am but a simple woman with simple tastes. But not so simple that I'd eat Palmer chocolate.

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