Thursday, July 05, 2007

Behold, the Mighty Whoopie Pie

What, pray tell, is a Whoopie Pie, you ask? I will tell you. It's a Maine specialty. A traditional WP is about the size of your hand and is chocolate cake with sweet, creamy icing in the middle. Kind of like a Suzy Q, only round. Now it seems that people are getting all fancified with their Whoopie Pie recipes, because on the last trip we not only had one filled with peanut butter icing, but we also had this glorious delight, pictured to the right. There is Taylor about to devour a giant maple Whoopie Pie.
We were driving along the backroads and saw a sign that said "Bacon Farm." Well, naturally I had to stop and see what kind of bacon was for sale. Turns out there wasn't any (although I could've bought a pig if I wanted). What they did have was lots of maple stuff, like syrup, candy and this big wheel of mapley goodness. Usually maple is too sweet for my tastes, but this was really pretty tasty. It was kind of like eating a big cream-filled pancake. So good.
("But wait," I can hear you say. "I thought you had all sorts of candy when you were in Maine. A Whoopie Pie, too?" Oh yes. And you know what else? Carrot cake, fresh bread, some sort of trick muffins that pretend to be chocolate but are really bran, ice cream cake, chips ... need I go on? And I wonder why none of my pants fit.)

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