Saturday, July 28, 2007

Free Candy! Free Candy!

People always ask me if Henri is named after anyone. (It's their polite way of saying, "Where the heck did you get that name from?") My standard answer is that he's named after Henry Miller-- my uncle and the writer. I mean, no, my uncle wasn't the writer, but his name was Henry Miller. Well now I have a more exciting answer, thanks to a press kit that just came in from Nestle. Among the little bits of trivia printed on the press kit folder was this gem:

"It was the neighbor of Nestle founder, Henri Nestle, who first combined Nestle Canned Milk with cocoa powder to create the world's first milk chocolate in 1875."

Is that cool or what? Now I'm going to tell everyone that he's named after the founder of Nestles and is heir to the candy fortune.

To celebrate this momentous discovery-- well, all right-- because Nestle is launching a new campaign, I'll be giving out two, yes count 'em, TWO coupons for a free Nestle Crunch Crisp. (See my previous review; I loved this candy bar; thought it tasted like a Bar None.) So let's have a little fun with this, shall we? Let's pretend that Henri was going to have a sibling (which he totally is not, so don't even get any ideas) and I want another candy-inspired name. What would it be? The two I like best will get a shiny, gleaming coupon good for One (1) Free Nestle Crunch Crisp Single Bar.

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Sera said...

Well, there's always "william" for willy, as in the wonka mastermind.

Thene there's John, Richard or George for the Cadbury end of things. :P

Or Daniel Peter (a twofer!) the Swiss creator of milk chocolate!