Friday, July 06, 2007

Local Elvis Sighting (Reese's, that is!)

Just got an e-mail from Alexandra. She found an Elvis Reese's at her local Walgreen's. Here's her take on the peanut butter and banana concoction:
So, last night I was shopping at my neighborhood Walgreens and saw that the new Reese's PB & Banana cup was there. Hmm.... okay, so I picked it up and added it to my purchases (of course, I forgot the things I truly went for but that's another story) Did you know they put Elvis trivia on the wrappers? Hmm! The top of the cup was, for lack of a better word, wet/moist???? Perhaps it melted against something else? Anyway, on with the "dissection"....I cut the cup into pieces.... tried my first reminded me of a chocolate covered banana with peanut butter. The banana reminded me of an actual slice of really ripe banana. Your brother is right though - Wow! is that sweet. I ate half the cup and then said there's no good way to save a half of PB cup so I ate the rest! I have one more cup to have later tonight. These would be a good addition to ice cream - another way to have a banana split if bananas aren't available! Yum-O!

Thanks Alex! Just this morning I baked a batch of brownies and threw some cut-up Elvis Reese's into the mix. We'll see how they turn out.

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Clem said...

I haven't seen it around these parts yet.