Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sweet Dreams!

True confession time. Some people wear an eye mask to bed. Others wear earplugs. Me, I wear my Walkman and listen to talk radio all night long. Yes, a Walkman. I tried the iPod thing, but it just didn't do it for me. I want live, sometimes-boring-as-hell-sometimes-so-fascinating-I-fight-to-stay-awake-just-to-listen A.M. radio. Usually I end up falling asleep sometime around 11 and then wake up around 6 when the morning show hosts start blabbering, and through the night the various interviews and infomercials weave their way into my dreams.
This morning I was having a wonderful sleep, dreaming about candy bars. I was envisioning people talking about their favorites, from Big Hunks to Chunkies, plain Hershey bars to fancy Swiss chocolate. And that's when I realized: it wasn't a dream. They were really talking about candy! I shook myself awake and listened as the morning hosts talked about yesterday's New York Times article on British candy. They were asking listeners to call in and talk about their favorite candy bars. What did they say? I can't remember. I was still in a fog, but through the magic of the mighty Internet, I can probably go back and listen again.

1 comment:

Merri said...

TOO funny!
I too would enjoy a "dream" like that...
I live in Canada and have access to all the British types of candy and would be interesting to hear what people said!