Monday, July 09, 2007

Making lemonade out of lemons (or what to do with the melted package of chocolate)

My friend Melissa has quite possibly one of the best senses of humor around. She'll laugh at anything, from Little Britain to the death scene in that new movie "Evening." We first met in grammar school when she used to draw me pictures and attach little presents to them, like a ring from the gumball machine. She sat next to me in second grade when we had the very evil Ms. Hertel as our teacher (note the Ms., NOT Miss; this was the 70s after all), a statuesque woman who was bitter that she was a teacher and not a model. Anyhow, Melissa was telling me how her kids received a package from her friend in England. As it is summer in Raileigh, North Carolina, the temperature was a balmy 200 degrees, so she was a little dismayed to open it and find packages of molten Aero Bubbles. Not one to be daunted, she and the kids got out some plastic Christmas candy molds and poured the now-liquid chocolate in, making a batch of Aero reindeer heads. Hooray! She said they tasted just like an Aero bar with the added benefit of keeping her kids occupied for five minutes.

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