Monday, September 24, 2007

Help me out folks!

There's this really funky town nearby where there are cute little stores, upscale restaurants and groovy coffee shops all along the main road. For as long as I can remember, there's been a store there called "A Taste of Holland" or something like that, and they always had wooden shoes and knick knacks in the window. I never went in and never would've thought to if Alexandra and Sue (MKAFGGF) hadn't alerted me to their candy selection. A few weeks ago, I finally went in and whoa! What a Dutch candy paradise! All along the wall were wooden bins filled with different candies. Of course, there were tons of that gnarly Dutch licorice, but there were also gummies and hard candies and chocolates. I bought a cellophane cone filled with a colorful gum drop and nonpareil mixture that I thought would be great to do paintings of. (A picture is forthcoming; please stand by as I'm having camera difficulties.) They also had Stroop Waffels! I bought a package of mini ones called Stroopies. I have yet to inform the von Schokolats that I have these in my possession.
I also got a roll of Rang! candy. These are hard, circular candies in assorted fruit flavors. They're very tasty but what I really love about them is that each is individually wrapped in wax paper. This instantly brought back memories of some kind of hard candy I ate as a kid that had the same kind of wax wrapping, but I just can't place it. I'm thinking it might be Tootsie Pop Drops, but I'm not sure? Can you help me out?

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