Thursday, September 27, 2007

Horn o' Plenty

Here's that groovy cone o' mixed goodies I got at the Dutch candy store. Isn't it cool? It's filled with gumdrops, little compressed sugar smiley faces, sugary jelly cubes and chocolate nonpareils. I plucked out a few of the gumdrops and started my "G is for Gumdrops" painting yesterday.
In other news, I had to go back to the dreaded Christmas Tree Shoppe today. Now, here's the thing: I have a phobia against buying candy (or anything edible for that matter) from non-food stores. So while I sometimes spy interesting things at say, Marshalls or TJ Maxx or the dollar store, I just can't bring myself to buy them. I envision the edible stuff stored in a big warehouse next to boxes of Made-in-China-lead-paint knick knacks and I freak out. But I actually bought a bag of "Smarties Parties" today. They had lots and lots of candy for Halloween, so I hedged my bets and figured that this stuff must be A) somewhat fresh and B) insulated from the lead paint by all the other candy. I've never seen anything beside regular Smarties before, so it was pretty exciting. In addition to the regular, there are:
Candy Money
Bubble Gum Smarties
X-Treme Sour Smarties
Tropical Flavor Smarties
I'll have to find some kids to taste test these and naturally, I'll use these for my "S is for Smarties" painting.
(Editor's Note: After writing the above entry, I decided to check out the Smarties website. Now, I tend to think of Smarties as pretty high up there in the lexicon of candy. I mean, it's not Hershey's or Nestles, but still, Smarties have been around forever and everyone knows them. So why, I'm curious to know, is their website so bizarre? It's some the strangest copy writing I've ever seen. It reads like a non-English speaking foreigner wrote it. "Candy it's sweet man!" "How will you know when you're eating gross candy?" Wow. I'm speechless.)

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