Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm sad ... send me chocolate!

Hello, candy friends. Today, a few miscellaneous items.

First of all, I won't be attending this year's Candy Expo. :(

I couldn't get coverage for the little man, so I had to pass. I'm sad because I really would've liked to meet my fellow candy bloggers. What a hoot that would be! Well, there's always next year. To everyone who's going: have a sweet time!

Second, check out this cutie-pie Tootsie Pops Miniatures "lunchbox" I bought at Target. I had to laugh because it comes shrink-wrapped, so you think there's going to be a whole bunch of Tootsie Pops in there. Wrong. There were three! Oh well, whaddya want for a buck? There were a couple of other types, too: Dots and Tootsie Rolls, if I remember correctly. I was trying to think of what I could use the tin for, and then it dawned on me: my ATCs! My little paintings fit in it perfectly.

Lastly, my candy reserves are dangerously low. I didn't think that was possible with all the bits and pieces leftover from the Great Euro Candy Extravaganza, but it's true. I'll need to do some candy shopping over the next few days.

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Sera said...

Awwwh! That's a shame. I'll miss meeting you!

I saw those at Target too! I got the Sugar Daddy one. :P I remember seeing War Heads and Now & Later ones too.