Friday, September 14, 2007

Meemaw in da house!

Yesterday Henri's Meemaw and Grandpa (aka The Baron's in-laws) arrived from Mississippi and they came bearing chocolate. Hooray! Here they are with a bag of Russell Stover Private Reserve Vanilla Bean Brulee and a bag of Russell Stover Internationale Swiss Lodge Mocha Cream-- ooh la la!
I always underestimate my feelings for vanilla. I tend to think of it as boring, but a good vanilla can be very sexy. Such was the case with the Vanilla Bean Brulee. The dark chocolate is nicely balanced between sweet and bitter and the vanilla is fragrant. Yum!
The Mocha Creams are good, too, but they're really sweet. The bag describes them as "smooth mocha cream center enhanced by silky milk chocolate and finished with crisp white chocolate." I wouldn't say crisp, though. More like firm.
Anyhow, it promises to be a delicious weekend.

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