Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What's new

It sounds like everyone is having a grand ol' time at the Candy Expo. Good for them! You can read about Cybele's and Sera's coverage on their websites. I'm particularly interested in the Reese's Whipps (doesn't that just sound good?!) and the gigantic Junior Mints. Mmm, giant mints!
In the meantime, I just sampled the Nestle Crunch Stixx for the first time and wowee, those things are good. They're almost like chocolate-covered Pirouettes (or Yohays, depending on what you call them); crispy, crunchy, chocolatey and addicting. I can't have these in the house.

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Jen said...

I found Reese's Whipps at my local WalMart here in NH. In the checkout lane, way down low, for 50 cents each. I expect to be reviewing them on my blog, Shopping Jen (, real soon.

I'm new to the review blogging thing, but it would be very cool to be able to go to the Candy Expo some day! I'm enjoying reading the reports.