Monday, August 24, 2009

Sweet Treat of the Week: Kelly's Candy Stand!

I've gotten a bit off schedule with the Sweet Treat of the Week feature, but this one will make up for all the weeks I've missed. Introducing Kelly Faysash, owner of Kelly's Candy Stand, a candy buffet company located in Florida. In addition to the usual Sweet Treat questions, I've also asked her to share a little bit about how she got into creating candy buffets.

How long have you been doing candy buffets?

I’ve been hosting and designing candy buffets informally for friends and family for almost a year—professionally, for about 4 months.

How did you get into it?

My first candy buffet was for my son’s birthday party last summer. I was so tired of buying the same old favors that you get at every party—chalk, bubbles, cheapo candies and dollar store junk. I came up with the idea to design a candy buffet using the “splash bash” party theme. At the end of the party, the boys got to go crazy filling their treat bag. It was so much fun and really well-received.

The timing wasn’t quite right to launch my business then but I began gathering ideas and doing research. Even though it seems like a business you can start overnight, you need licenses, food permits, supplies, etc. Those take time but are necessary if you expect to have any credibility in event planning. While I pursued the legalities, I was also able to make a business and marketing plan to lead me in the right direction! It’s exciting to be up and running—and thinking about candy night and day!

Are there certain candies people always request (or don't want)?

Every candy buffet is unique! And of course the color scheme leads you in the direction of which candies to use. You have to consider both what looks good and what tastes good. People love rock candy because it’s nostalgic and it looks really cool and sparkly. Gummy candy and sour candy are always a hit, too. The secret is to have a variety to please all palates.

What is your favorite candy?
Twizzlers are my “go-to” candy when I need to get myself out of a bad mood—makes mouths happy, right? Peanut Butter M&Ms are genius but it’s hard to find the small bags and I can’t trust myself with the large bags! For more unique candies, I really love Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough Bites. They used to only be available at the movie theater for like $4 a box but now you can find them at the dollar store--yeah!

Share a childhood candy memory.

When I was growing up we had a 7-11 convenience store close to my house so basically my friends and I tried to scam our parents out of money all the time in order to get more candy. We’d do chores, watch siblings, swipe any change left on countertops. Then we’d make the pilgrimage to 7-11 and debate which candy we should buy. Most of the time we’d buy the Ferrara Pan candies because we could get more for our money.

Favorite fruit flavor in candy?

I definitely tend to gravitate to the pink or red candies so I’d have to say cherry/strawberry. But my absolute favorite fruit candy is the Pear Jelly Belly!

Which do you prefer: gummies or hard candies?

Gummy candy, for sure! But I’m willing to eat hard if that’s all that’s around;-)

What’s your favorite candy holiday?

I’d have to say Easter because I love the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Eggs (so much peanut butter!) and the speckled Whoppers!

What’s best: milk, dark or white?

White though it’s harder to find. Everyone loves white chocolate but for some reason it’s not as readily available on the candy aisle.

Circus Peanuts: yay or nay?

Gross—I’m never that desperate!

Thanks Kelly! Your buffets are beautiful!

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