Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gummy Candy Corns

I took No-Nuts back to school this week and helped her move into her dorm. The first thing she wanted to do was move her bed around to face the opposite direction, so she got one of the R.A.'s on duty to do the heavy lifting while she crawled under the bed to set up the risers. Unfortunately, the bed landed on her finger instead of the riser, thus "breaking" her finger (she claimed), which meant that I got to put all of her stuff away--including all 35 bathing suits-- while she nursed her wound with a bag of frozen peas (which, by the way, she ate half of, even though they were frozen). Then I spent the night in her dorm room (yes, I really did), which I think pretty much absolves me of all Auntly duties for the rest of the year, at the very least. In any case, it turns out that her school is located near the Munson's Chocolate factory. I worked at one of their retail stores during college (best job ever!), so I thought I'd stop in to see what the factory digs were like.
They're very secretive over there; no tours, although they do show a video of life behind the scenes. I got all nostalgic and regaled No-Nuts with my stories of working at the chocolate shop: how the toilet got plugged when the night shift flushed a pound of fudge down it and I had to deal with the mess the next day; the time I was working alone and a mouse ran across the floor and I jumped on the counter; how we used to dare each other to eat the grossest stuff in the store (and that's how I discovered my love for dark chocolate orange jellies which they no longer make), and how one woman flipped out on me because she didn't like the way I wrapped her chocolate poker chips and said her five-year-old daughter could've done a better job, at which point I said, "Fine. Here's some wrapping paper. Let her do it."
Anyhow, to make a long story short, they had these gummy candy corns which I thought were so cute. They have the same bite as Wonka Puckerooms (not as soft as a gumdrop, not as hard as Dots), but the flavor is actually candy corn. That's what it's supposed to be anyway, although it almost tastes like buttered popcorn jelly beans. No-Nuts said she thought she liked them at first, but then realized that if she wanted candy corn, she'd just eat candy corn. Good point.
These aren't made at the factory; the label says Made in Spain, so I'm guessing you can get them at lots of specialty candy stores. They'd be really cute on cupcakes. And speaking of cupcakes, stay tuned ... the Sugar Baby went to his girlfriend's birthday party today where he got to decorate his own cupcake with candy. You won't want to miss this one.


Orchid64 said...

These look gorgeous!

Amanda said...

I want to have a cupcake decorating party now.

Pam Walter said...

Candy corn is the only part of Halloween I like, so I would agree with No Nuts...just eat the real thing.