Sunday, August 09, 2009

Little Boys + Tired Mommies+ Candy= Good Fun!

Let me begin with a disclaimer: The Sugar Baby is an absolute angel. A perfect boy in every way. Oh sure, he's had his moments, like when he lodged a penny in Sue MKAFFGGF's husband's gear shift, or the night he woke us all up for chocolate, or the day that led to this, but overall, he's a pretty good kid.
But lately, he's been going through an independent stage. So, you know how when you're sitting around, finally having an adult conversation, when your radar goes off? The one that says, "It's too quiet in there. What's going on?"
Yeah, well, we had one of those moments last weekend.
We were staying in Grandpa's kick-butt mansion on wheels motorhome, and frankly, I was experiencing one of those "JUST STOP TALKING TO ME GO PLAY BY YOURSELF AND LET ME ENJOY THIS VODKA TONIC!" times. So the Sugar Baby trotted off and was playing quietly by himself--with a Starburst he had gotten earlier in the day.
Guess what? Starbursts are just the right size to fit in the hole for the door latch of a motorhome. Yes indeedy, he wedged that little square into a hole because that's what holes are for, right?
Grandpa got out the tool box, but to no avail. It's wedged in there forever. As for the Sugar Baby, Grandpa got him another Starburst.


cybele said...

I got an email from a frustrated grandma a few weeks ago because her grandson got a Skittle stuck in a seat belt buckle.

The Chocolate Nerd said...

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