Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Baroness' Birthday Bash!

This weekend we celebrated the Baroness' 40th birthday. (And, oh yeah, the Baron's 40th, too.) The wee Von Schokolats put together a birthday bash for their parents worthy of the most extreme sweets' lover. (Oh, that would be me, wouldn't it?)
I assembled my first-ever candy buffet; not too shabby if I do say so myself. There were red Twizzlers, purple Mike & Ike Jolly Joe's, yellow Lemonheads and various colors of M&M's, Cadbury Mini Eggs and jelly beans. And those pretty lollipops, too.
Of course, what's a party without a chocolate fountain? I brought two Trader Joe's Pound Plus Milk Chocolate bars up with me and we melted that shizz down to create a yummy dip for strawberries, pretzels, pineapple and yes, even potato chips. The Sugar Baby was quite funny. He pulled up a chair in front of the fountain and just watched its cascading beauty.Here's the thing though. Everyone was hanging out talking and eating, doing the usual party thing and there was one guy there who was just hysterical. He was totally cracking me up with his stories of questionable business trips and such. It was only AFTER he left that the von Schokolats thought to tell me that, oh yeah! He's a candy distributor. Say what?! I was so bummed. I could've asked him so many questions. What's the most popular candy? How about the least? What's new that you've tried? What does the Easter Bunny bring their kids?
Unbelievable. Such an opportunity wasted. Well, in any case, we'll be visiting them again another twenty or so times throughout the summer, so perhaps I'll get my chance then. In the meantime, just stare at that chocolate fountain. Such a thing of beauty.

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Ice Cube Queen said...

Happy Birthday, Baron & Baroness!!!
Looks like you had a great party!!!

I would have loved to have seen the Sugar Baby and the Chocolate Fountain!