Monday, March 01, 2010

Eat Your Vegetables! (I mean, Russian Chocolate)

My mother's neighbor went to Russia recently and returned bearing gifts. I have no idea what these two packages say, but I tried to hide them on the counter trying to keep them away from the Sugar Baby. Alas, he is part monkey and can scale any height if he suspects there is candy. When he saw these bars, he went bonkers.
"I want one of those!" he said.
"No you don't. Those are vegetable bars," I told him.
He gave me "the look." The smirky head-tilt that means, "I know you're lying to me again."
I couldn't contain myself. He had totally snagged me in my fib. Fine. I told him he could have half of one.
He went for the round chocolate/hazelnut one first. It had a crispy sort of wafer bottom, almost like a Kit Kat. In fact, the whole thing tasted kind of like a Kit Kat.
In the meantime, I tried to hide the other one, but tonight he asked for a vegetable bar for dessert. How could I say no? We split the other one, which said on the back (in the tiniest print I've ever seen and in about 12 different languages) that it was a caramel creme. It was a mousse-like filling, very sweet. He loved it.
If only it really was a vegetable bar.

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