Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Best Milk Chocolate. Ever.

Mrs. Connection called me last week from Costco to find out if I wanted some strawberries because they were such a good price. Since the Sugar Baby's diet consists solely of fruit, chocolate, yogurt and expensive cheese which must be cut into little pumpkin shapes with a cookie cutter, I told her to go ahead and pick me up some.
Holy cannoli, these were the biggest strawberries I'd ever seen. I'm sure they were spliced together with genes from whales or something, because they were just enormous. Clearly these were not toss-into-a-smoothie strawberries. These berries were made for dipping. Since I had a party to go to that night, I figured chocolate-covered strawberries would be perfect. I happened to have on hand a block of Trader Joe's Pound Plus Imported From Belgium Milk Chocolate. (I had planned to use it at Christmas in the chocolate fountain, but, as you may recall, I was sick with what I was sure was N1H1; it turned out to be a sinus and ear infection.)
In any case, I melted a bunch of the chocolate down and dipped the berries and then proceeded to lick the spoon.
Let me just state for the record that I stopped in my tracks. The chocolate was phenomenal. I mean, I've had it before, but I never stopped to really notice just how good it is. In its warm, melty state, it seriously was as close to pure chocolate bliss as I could imagine. It's smooth and creamy without giving that throat burny-feeling you get from cheap chocolate.
Trader Joe's has these big slabs in dark chocolate, too, although I remember when they used to have an almond and a crisped rice version as well. I don't know what happened to those and I don't know who makes this chocolate, (if I did a little research I could probably find out, but American Idol is about to come on), but I have to say, this is definitely a contender of my favorite plain chocolate. Now it is gone and I never want to see it in my house again, for it appears to be my kryptonite.


Nance said...

Love this post. And am sad that my Trader Joe's in one town over instead of next door. :)

Candy Professor said...

And I think you have put us all in serious danger by suggesting that, if we would only MELT the chocolate first, we would just want to sink to the floor and spend our remaining moments licking the spoon. Dangerous, dangerous stuff. My TJ is only four blocks away. Not good.

perry said...

... deadly. Caramellized flavor--but it's the size that kills me. Only buy it if I'm cooking with it, but I always bite the end--like a baguette...

... something about sinking your teeth into a solid half inch of chocolate.

Candy Yum Yum said...

Perry: love the idea of biting into it like a baguette!
Nance: Mine is one town over, too. That's a good thing, I think!