Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Delightful Yumster and a Shameless Mr. Goodbar

When I started this blog back in 2003, I had no idea where it was going. In fact, I didn't really think it would "go" anywhere. I had two readers-- my sister and, well okay, maybe it was just one reader, and I barely knew what a blog was. I started this as an outlet to write about my passion-- candy-- versus the stuff I normally write about for publication, and it just kept rolling along. I never expected, though, that I would "meet" so many cool people. I've found that candy lovers are some of the nicest, most giving people on the planet.
Take, for example, Kendra, a Yumster from Ontario. Not only does she read Candy Yum Yum faithfully, but she sent me this awesome box of chocolates from her local chocolatier, Reid Chocolates.

Okay, wait just a second. Here's a "real time" comment: I just went to open the box to look at the chocolates and make some comments and I see that the giant milk chocolate turtle is GONE. I cannot believe this. Mr. Goodbar has once again gotten into my stash and eaten the piece I was saving until last. Seriously, this is not acceptable. Apparently he learned nothing from the previous episode when he ate my espresso truffle. Please hold while I go address the situation...

Okay, I'm back. He didn't even try to deny it. Once again, he said he ate half and tried to save the other half for me, but it was so good he couldn't control himself. "Those are good chocolates," he said.
"But they're MY chocolates!" I said.
"Just because they come to the door with your name on them doesn't mean, well, okay, they are your chocolates, but I didn't know you liked turtles," he said. "I like nuts. I don't usually like caramel, but that was really good." Um, is this supposed to be making me feel better? Cause it's not.
Well, I suppose if anything it's a good plug for Reid Chocolates. And thank you Kendra for being such a devoted Yumster. At least you know your kindness has touched two souls.


Rodzilla said...

Wow, is Mr. Goodbar an adult?

When I was around 11, my parents had an Easter party. One of their colleagues decided to unwrap my chocolate bunny and break off the ears!

This post reminded me of that, and I actually got embarrassingly angry for you.

Candy Yum Yum said...

Thank you for the solidarity, Rodzilla.
Mr. Goodbar said he isn't really evil. We'll have to see how he does with my next box of candy.
Your bunny story is heartbreaking. I wonder if other Yumsters have sad tales of candy woe?

Cocoa said...

this post also reminds me when i was brother ate all my favorite chocolates without even asking a permission from me!...i cried at that time...